Call us today. Close the boat donation process tomorrow.

If you call us today we will provide professional advice and strive to close the deal in days. Boat donors appreciate our quick and expert service.

If you are selling your boat yourself, you will have to advertise it, and deal with people making offers; if you are using a broker you will need to pay a commission. Either way, you will have to make minor repairs, keep it clean and maintain it in a sellable condition. While also paying ongoing moorage and insurance fees.

It’s an investment of time and money – just to sell your boat or yacht. In the current market, it’s not uncommon for people to have their boat listed for a complete year and not have received a single offer.

We eliminate the unknown. We will give donors a tax receipt for the surveyed fair market value of their boat – and the knowledge that their philanthropic gesture is making it possible to people with disabilities to sail.

The Disabled Sailing Association of BC boat donation program was founded in 2000, and is supported by Greater Vancouver’s top yacht brokers and surveyors.

Here are some of the benefits to you:


We aim to issue a tax receipt for the surveyed fair market value of a boat in days. We arrange a professional marine survey and mechanical inspection, and handle all the documentation. Once you have transferred the title to the Disabled Sailing Association, we will handle the delivery of the boat to the appropriate marina to be sold. Normally, we can issue a tax receipt for market value within a week.

No Hassle

Finding a new home for your boat involves a lot of effort if you handle the sale yourself. You need to have to keep it clean and make it operational. You must list it and wait for potential buyers. You will have to sift through the low-ball offers and timewasters, and arrange for anyone with a genuine interest see the boat and undertake sea trials. All this time it must be moored and insured, and, if you are using a broker, they will require a commission at the end of the sale.

Tax Deductible

Giving your boat in this way counts as a charitable donation. All donors receive a tax receipt. The Disabled Sailing Association’s boat donation program issues tax receipts for the full market value of boats we accept. This value is determined by independent, certified marine surveyors. Tax write offs can be spread over five years. We always suggest that you speak to your accountant / estate planner to determine your personal tax benefit.

Save Ongoing Costs

When you sell your boat, don’t go thinking that the final sale price is cash in your pocket. To get to that point, you will incur a variety of expenses. Smart owners will invest in cleaning and repairs before listing it for sale to make it more eye-catching to potential buyers – it will also require regular maintenance if it takes a number of months to sell. Then there are moorage fees, insurance costs, advertising expenses and brokerage costs (if you are not selling it yourself). If it takes you six months or a year to sell, you are eating through your capital.


If you donate your boat to us, you will be enabling people with disabilities to sail. The Disabled Sailing Association, operating since 1989, uses a specially made adaptive sailboat, the Martin 16. It can be operated by joystick, or my mouth-operated sip ‘n’ puff controls. It’s also a fast, responsive racing sloop that allows day sailing, lessons, racing and regatta participation. Donated boats are sold to raise funds that allow people with disabilities to sail a Martin 16.