Can't sell your boat? List it with us and receive a tax write-off.

The Disabled Sailing Association (DSA) sells donated boats to fund programs that enable people with disabilities to sail.

We use a fleet of eight Martin 16 sailboats that have been specially designed for people with disabilities. They can be operated using a joystick or mouth controls.

We do not operate donated boats – they are a source of income for our programs.


In a little more detail, this is how the program works
for our boat donors:

  • Call or e-mail us to tell us about your boat. We will arrange to view your boat and begin the evaluation process.
  • We arrange a professional marine survey at our expense, and possibly a mechanical inspection, to obtain a value that will appear in a tax receipt for you. This is the current market value – the “book price” for the boat.
  • We handle the documentation. As soon as you have transferred ownership of the boat to the Disabled Sailing Association, we will give you a tax receipt for your charitable donation – the full market value of the vessel.
  • We take over your moorage or move the boat, depending on the circumstance. We will look after insurance and moorage costs, and we will be responsible for all upkeep relating to the boat.


What boats are suitable?

The Disabled Sailing Association will consider all boats - large, small, sailing vessels, motor yachts and even commercial boats.

The donated boat must be free and clear of all liens and encumbrances and have a minimum value of $10,000.

What’s the bottom line?

We’ve calculated sample bottom line figures, based on the example of a 25-foot pleasure craft with an appraised value of $30,000 that takes six months to sell.

Selling through a brokerage:


Asking price


Selling price


Cleaning, repairs


Six months’ insurance


Six months’ moorage




Bottom line to you



(Yes, that $30,000 boat will probably only net two-thirds of this value – assuming an aggressive marketing campaign by your broker that results in a six-month sale.)

Donating to DSA:


Tax receipt for surveyed value


Bottom line to you*



(Less cash, but quicker and less hassle all round.)

As with everything else in life, the choice to donate your boat for a charitable receipt is a balancing act between time and money.

* Based on a marginal tax rate of 43.7 per cent.